Fee Schedule

Share Draft (Checking) Account
NSF Draft $25.00
Stop Payment (Single Item or Range) $15.00
Deposited Check Return $10.00
Certified Draft $3.00
Copy of Draft $3.00
Account Reconciliation (per hour) $20.00
Account Reinstatement $25.00
Automated Teller Machine/ Electronic Funds Transfer
A total of 7 ATM withdrawals are allowed free of charge per month
Fee per ATM withdrawal in excess of 7 at a non Cornerstone, a Belco Community Credit Union machine $1.50 per withdrawal
Visa Card Replacement $5.00
NSF Direct Debit (ACH) $25.00
NSF ATM item $25.00
ACH Stop Payment $15.00
Dispute Check Card Transaction $25.00
Card Privilege Reinstatement $20.00
Share Savings Account
Low Balance (membership)  (monthly after 2nd month) $5.00
Bad Address (monthly after 2nd month) $5.00
Dormant Account (monthly fee after 2 consecutive years of inactivity) $5.00
Individual Retirement Accounts
IRA Account Termination
(pertains only to accounts that are closed within one year of their initial funding)
Electronic Bill Payer
Monthly FREE
Inactivity Fee (after no activity in any given month) $4.95