Certificates of Deposit

Competitive rates and growth is what you will find when you open a Cornerstone, a Belco Community Credit Union Share Certificate. We offer numerous Certificate programs with specified terms and fixed dividend rates.

  • The minimum balance required to open a Share Certificate account is $1,000
  • The minimum balance required for a member under the age of 18 is $500
  • Dividends on certificate accounts are computed on the daily balance, compounded and posted monthly to the account
  • You can withdraw dividends credited to this account before maturity without penalty.
  • Any principal withdrawn before maturity will be subject to the following penalties:
    – Original maturity of one year or less, the penalty imposed will equal 90 days worth of dividends.
    – Original maturity of more than one year, the penalty imposed will equal 180 days worth of dividends.
  • The Certificate account will automatically renew at maturity unless the credit union is notified otherwise by the account holder
    – The renewal term will be the same as the original term
    – The dividend rate will be the same as offered on new term Share Certificate accounts
    – You will be notified prior to maturity and will have ten days to contact the credit union.

IRA Certificates of Deposit are also available at the credit union and require only a $500 minimum deposit to open.