Club Accounts

Christmas Club, Vacation Club and the Special Savings programs are the perfect way to put aside a little extra money. These accounts can help you save for the holidays or for that special vacation you have always wanted to take. It is also a way of saving money for the long term. The money does not have to be removed from these accounts at any specific time.

Other good uses for these accounts include:

  • Money put aside to pay personal and property taxes
  • Saving to buy new furniture or something for the house
  • Available funds for birthday gifts, graduation gifts, etc.
  • Just to get in the habit of saving  

Funding your account is easy:

  • You can use payroll deduction, direct deposit, transfers from other accounts or deposits over-the-counter
  • A minimum deposit amount is not required to open or maintain an a Club account
  • Club accounts earn interest from the date of deposit to the date of withdrawal

Christmas Club

  • Interest bearing account and acts as another savings account
  • Funds may be withdrawn without penalty at any time throughout the year
  • The minimum balance for withdrawals or transfers is $25

Vacation Club 

  • Interest bearing account with no pay out date
  • Not everyone vacations at the same time, so you can tell us when you need your check
  • Your account balance simply continues to grow until you need your funds

Special Savings 

  • Simply another share savings account
  • Allows you to set a little money aside each pay day
  • An account designated for whatever you want it to be