Organizational Account

A Share Savings account is required for membership. There are several additional savings account options available, as well as Share Draft Checking.

The Organizational Account

  • The account is owned by the organization and has authorized signors
  • The organization must be a non-profit
  • The majority of members or authorized signors must meet the membership eligibility criteria for Cornerstone FCU
  • The organization is permitted one vote for the Cornerstone Board of Directors
  • A $5 deposit, by the organization, is required for membership

Documentation Needed from the organization includes:

  • EIN (Employer Identification Number) with supporting paperwork
  • Articles of Incorporation/Bylaws
  • Group Resolution that identifies who is authorizes to sign on behalf of the organization 

Cornerstone also offers trust accounts, memorial fund accounts and estate accounts.
More information can be obtained by contacting our office: