It’s Easy To Join!

Cornerstone currently offers membership benefits to anyone who lives, works, worships, attends school or regularly conducts business in Cumberland County and the entire Borough of Shippensburg, PA. Businesses and other legal entities within the community boundaries may also qualify for membership.

Family Members

Your family members are also eligible to join the credit union. Family members include your spouse, children, siblings, parents, grandparents or grandchildren. Stepparents, stepchildren, stepsiblings and adoptions are also considered family members. Household members, or persons living in the same residence as a single economic unit, are also eligible for membership at Cornerstone. The primary member must be eligible to join but does not actually have to be a member for his or her immediate family member to join.

A good example is: John, who lives in Carlisle and is eligible for membership, has not joined the credit union. John’s sister, who does not live in Cumberland County or Shippensburg Borough, is able to join based on John’s eligibility.

Becoming a Member

Becoming a member of Cornerstone Federal Credit Union is as easy as opening a Share Savings account with a $5 initial deposit. This is your ownership in the credit union. Ownership is what makes your credit union different from other financial institutions. At Cornerstone, you are a member and part owner. Your $5 deposit immediately entitles you to take advantage of the wide array of products and services within the credit union and it begins to accrue dividends as well. It is always your money.

Join Now

Join now and begin taking advantage of higher dividend rates and lower loan rates, as well as the many other products and services available to members.

Once A Member, Always A Member

You are invited to remain a member for life – even if you change jobs, relocate or retire – your membership does not have to change. You and your family will always have full access to our complete menu of financial products and services as long as you keep your $25 Share Savings account.

The Credit Union Difference = Service & Value

Simply stated, a credit union is a group of people coming together to pool their resources in order to receive personal financial services at fair and favorable rates and terms. Credit unions are member-owned and controlled. Each member has an equal vote and the opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors. The board is elected by the membership and is responsible for policy making, setting dividend and loan rates and overseeing operations. As volunteers, the directors serve the credit union without compensation.